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Storia Villaggio Igloo

1995/1996 - Driven by the ambition to be the first on the mountain early in the morning, in order to shoot photos of the sunrise and find white, untouched snow for snowboarding, Adrian Günter, initiator of the igloo village, built the first igloo. He spent the night in an expedition sleeping bag as my principal equipment in this igloo. His first guiding principle was to be the first one on the mountain in the morning to enjoy the ambient and go downhill with his snowboard.

However, friends soon shared this little passion of Adrian and they built several igloos above the “Motta Naluns”. People from the village and skiing tourists appreciated the igloos and asked for  permission to sleep in them. Inquiries increased and resulted in Adrian's business idea.

1996/97 - The first Igloo-Village was built in Scuol consisting of three small traditional igloos in Scuol. It accommodated 15 guests.

2001/2002 - The steadily growing demand required to completely revolutionise igloo construction. The traditional building method was too sumptuous and slow. I soon developed and tested a building method based on balloons. This concept allowed for a faster construction of the igloo village and led to a dramatic increase of the number of accommodation guests. The „inflatable igloo building device“ is registered on 19.08.2002 with patent number 693 679. Iglu-Dorf GmbH is founded and no longer part of the company "Element".

2002/2003 - A traditional igloo with a diameter of 9m with 1,346 snow blocks and 3.2 tons of snow is built. The first sauna is commissioned, giving rise to the very first wellness area. The guest volume exceeds the 1,000 mark with 1,196 guests this winter season.

2004/2005 - After a first test year Igloo-Village in Zermatt at Rotenboden is built.

2005/2006- Big steps are taken and three additional Igloo-Villages are constructed. Scuol and Zermatt are complemented by Engelberg, Grindelwald and the Zugspitze in Germany. Nearly 6,000 guests booked stayed overnight at one of the Igloo-Villages.

2006 - Iglu-Dorf GmbH moves its registered office from Scuol (Engadin) to Stansstad in central Switzerland.

2007 - Iglu-Dorf GmbH wins the Swiss Economic Award. Another milestone has been achieved.

2007/2008 - Igloo-Village Scuol moves to Davos-Klosters.

2008/2009 - This season sees the opening of our first igloo village outside of the Alps in Andorra. This winter season, for the first time more than 10,000 guests stay overnight at one of the several Igloo-Villages.

2009/2010 - Igloo-Vilage returns to the Engadin and opens an igloo bar in St. Moritz on Muottas Muragl. For the next three years seven Igloo-Village destinations are operated in three different countries.

2015/2016 - Igloo-Village runs seven destinations Igloo-Village Davos-Klosters, Engelberg, Gstaad, Stockhorn, Zermatt, Zugspitze and Andorra.

Beside that the all-year-round event company Outventure is part of the team. Specialiced in event organisation Outventure also runs a rope park and bungee jumping in Engelberg. 

2015/2016 - Igloo-Village celebrates its 20th anniversary and achieves the Worldrecord with the biggest igloo ever built with snow blocks.

2018/2019 - Igloo-Village operates seven locations - five in Switzerland, one in Germany, and a new location in Austria. Iglu-Bars are operated on Schilthorn und Stockhorn. The Iglu-Villages Davos KlostersGstaadKühtaiZermatt & Zugspitze additionally run a Iglu-Hotel


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