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01. What does the igloo village look like and how big it is?

Everything under a single roof!

All our igloo villages have a similar layout.

The igloos are connected with one another via a corridor system and are not isolated.

But still, each location is individual and unique.

The igloos vary in size; there are larger social igloos and smaller igloos, for example the overnight igloos (approx. 4 metres diameter).

The photos in our gallery show you the igloo villages from the past years and give you a good idea of what the igloo looks like.

02. How is the igloo village built, and is it stable?

Every year, we re-build each of our igloo villages in over 3000 man hours.

Our igloo team uses large balloons, snow blowers and plenty of muscle power to build the individual villages, igloo by igloo.

The snow and ice art is created by artists from around the world.

Every location has a new motto each year, which the beautiful decorations are based on.

For this year's motto click here.

It is not possible for an igloo village to collapse in winter!

Its individual construction method makes it very stable.

During construction, the snow becomes so hard that a Pistenbully vehicle could drive across it without anything happening.

03. Where and at what altitude are the igloo villages?

Davos / Parsenn / Weissfluhjoch / Abzweigung Schifer/Hauptertäli 2'500m

Gstaad / Saanerslochgrat 2'000m

Kühtai / 2'100m

Schilthorn / Station Birg / 2'677m

Stockhorn / Station Chrindi / Hinterstockensee 1'600m

Zermatt / Gornergrat / zw. Rotenboden und Riffelberg / 2'700m

Zugspitze / Zugspitzplatt 2'600m

04. What are the opening hours of the igloo villages?

Hotel: 25th December 2018 to 07th April 2019, daily
Bar/Restaurant: daily 11.00am to 4.00pm

Hotel: 22nd December 2018 to 31st March 2019, Thursday to Tuesday, during the holidays (22.12. to 06.01./ 31.01.-06.03.) daily
Bar/Restaurant: daily 11.00am to 4.00pm

Hotel: 27th December 2018 to 06th April 2019, daily
Bar/Restaurant: daily 11.00am to 4.00pm

Hotel: no Hotel 
Bar/Restaurant: 14th December 2018 until 05th May 2019, täglich von 10:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Hotel: no Hotel
Bar/Restaurant: 15th December to 17th March 2019, Wednesday to Sunday, during the holidays daily

Hotel: Pre-opening with just 4 overnight igloo (without restaurant and ice bar) 15th+16th+17th December 2018, afterwards from 21st December 2018 to 21st April 2019, Wednesday to Sunday, during the holidays daily
Bar/Restaurant: daily 11.00am until 4.00pm, food only 12.00 till 2.00pm

Hotel: 28th December 2018 to 07th April 2019, daily
Bar/Restaurant: daily

05. Which is the prettiest igloo village?

All our igloo villages are beautiful and unique.

As far as structure and equipment are concerned, they are almost identical.

They differ with regard to the artistic theme and of course the location itself

06. Who can stay the night in the igloo village?

Who can stay the night in the igloo village?

Almost everyone can stay the night in the igloo village.

It is very important that you are aware of the remote location of the villages; for more details, please see our safety instructions attached to the arrival informations of any destination.

07. How is the igloo village illuminated?

All igloos and passages have integrated LED lights.

In the public rooms they are on all the time, and in the sleeping igloos they can be switched on and off.

08. How does the air supply work?

The snow itself has a high air content and is air-permeable to a small extent.

The sleeping places are higher up, which means the nitrogen drops down to the lower-lying areas.

There are several outlets that allow the air to circulate.

The rooms are very high and filled with plenty of oxygen.

We only use candles in the public areas.

09. How do you get there?

Day guests make their own way to the igloo village.

The igloo villages are located on the ski slopes. The footpath takes you through the snow on the slopes up or down the mountain.

The length of the journey depends on the location.

If you are in Gstaad or Zugspitze you have the shortest route (5-7 minutes), and walking from Zermatt or Davos takes around 20 minutes and is the longest and steepest route.

Please note that we do not provide personal transport to and from the igloo.

Hotel guests must NEVER walk alone to the igloo village; they have to strictly keep to the specified meeting point by the designated mountain restaurant.

The time of day is coordinated with the timetable of the mountain railway.

Allow plenty of time for the journey.

As soon as it becomes clear that you will be late, contact the booking office immediately:

+41 41 612 27 28.

For detailed information, please see the day and night arrival informations of the destinations.

10. Which services are included?

First of all, we would like to emphasise that a large part of the price covers the annual and very labour-intensive construction and the exposed location of the complex.

The prices for services such as rooms, sanitary facilities, and catering are as favourable as possible given the circumstances.

The following services are included in the overnight accommodation:

Welcome drink and savoury nibbles, guided tour of the igloos, cheese fondue for dinner, tea throughout the evening, use of the public whirlpool (all locations), used of the mixed sauna (only in Davos‐Klosters, Gstaad and Zugspitze), short snowshoe walk (only in the Swiss locations) or night time walk (Zugspitze), overnight stay in the igloo, including inner sleeping bag and expedition sleeping bag up to ‐40 ° C, a good-morning cup of tea served to your sleeping bag, breakfast at the mountain restaurant, and our igloo guides look after you during your stay.

Additional services may be included depending on the igloo category you have booked.

The snowshoe /night time walk and the whirlpool/sauna are weather-dependent (please see our safety instructions)

The following are NOT included:

- Travel costs by public transport or private car (parking charges apply)
- Mountain railway tickets; unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the travel information material, the mountain railway prices apply.

- additional refreshments

11. Is the snowshoe tour/ the night walk difficult?

We do snowshoe walk in the swiss destinations and a night walk at the Zugspitze.

They are both doable for overnight guests.

The tours vary in length depending on the location.

Guests do not have to take part in the snowshoe tours.

12. What is there to eat and drink?

As a welcome we serve a glass of mulled wine to our guests in our restaurant or in the Igloo Bar and you can help yourself to nuts, crisps and other savoury nibbles.

Before dinner, our guests who have booked one of the Romantic packages or an aperitif are served a delicious platter of cold meets and cheese from the region as well as a glass of Whitesecco.

For dinner in our restaurant we serve hot vegetable bouillon (self-service) followed by a delicious cheese fondue with fresh bread.

The fondue is lactose-free and contains less than 0.1% alcohol.

As an alternative to the fondue, we serve pasta with tomato sauce.

You can help yourself to tea throughout the evening.

You can of course also order other drinks from our guides (not included in the price); we have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on our menu.

In the morning, we serve a good-morning cup of tea directly to your sleeping bag.

There is a breakfast buffet in the mountain restaurant.

13. What is the difference between a Group and a Romantic igloo?

The main difference is the number of people they accommodate.

The Group Igloo has room for up to 6 people.

If you book 2 spaces, 4 other guests will be allocated to the igloo.

There is no separation by gender or age.

It is not exclusive.

People can be allocated across different igloos, but we try to avoid this whenever possible.

In the Romantic Igloo, on the other hand, there will be just two of you, or you and your family in the Romantic Family Igloo (however many people you have booked for).

14. How does the whirlpool and sauna work?

The sauna and whirlpool are open in the evening for our overnight guests.

There is a whirlpool at all locations.

Our Igloo Romantic Suite guests have their own exclusive whirlpool right next to the sleeping igloo.

There is a mixed sauna in Davos, Gstaad and on the Zugspitze.

Please bring your own bath towel and flip-flops.

15. What about the evening programme?

The programme timetable and the programme itself is different for each location.

The basic programme is as follows:

  • Meeting at the mountain hotel/restaurant, welcome and instructions
  • Welcome drink and savoury nibbles in the igloo
  • Igloo guided tour
  • Fondue dinner
  • Tea throughout the evening
  • Use of public whirlpool (all locations)/ mixed sauna (only in Davos‐Klosters, Gstaad and Zugspitze)
  • Short snowshoe walk (in the Swiss locations)/ night time walk (Zugspitze), weather permitting
  • Overnight stay in the igloo
  • Good-morning cup of tea served to your sleeping bag
  • Breakfast in the mountain restaurant
16. What about the sleeping arrangements?

We build a sleeping area using snow and palettes.

The surface is then covered with thermal mats and thin foam mats.

On top of that, there is a mattress cover and our exhibition sleeping bag (up to -40 degrees) stuffed with synthetic fibres as well as an inner sleeping bag.

The Romantic categories have real sheepskins under the sleeping bag.

You do not need to bring your own sleeping bag.

There are no pillows in the igloo.

If you want or need one, you have to bring your own.

17. What do I have to wear and bring with me?

The igloo village is in a remote location in the countryside on the mountain.

Make sure that you bring the appropriate gear.

The temperature in the igloo village is generally constant, around freezing point.

Recommended clothing and equipment:

• Winter-proof, warm clothes (as for skiing)
• Comfortable, warm winter boots (e.g. snowboard boots or moon boots)
• A good pair of gloves
• Dry socks, a change of long underwear, pyjamas if necessary
• Two hats (second hat in case the first one gets wet)
• Bath towel, Swimwear and flip-flops if necessary for the whirlpool/sauna
• A torch, with headlight if necessary
• Toothbrush (you can brush your teeth)
• Cash (EC and credit cards only in Engelberg, Gstaad and Zermatt)
• Sunglasses & sunscreen (for the journey there and back)

A backpack is the perfect piece of luggage for your overnight stay in the igloo village.

For luggage storage, please see the travel information material, section "luggage storage".

Do not bring:

• Expedition sleeping bag and inner sleeping bag
• Suitcase (not suitable)

18. What are the temperatures in the igloo?

The temperature in the igloo is relatively constant, around freezing point.

Please dress accordingly throughout your stay.

You will not be cold if you wear the right clothes in combination with our programme that includes hot food, exercise and use of the whirlpool/sauna as well as hot tea and fleece blankets.

See section Clothing/Equipment in the day and night arrival informations of the destinations.

19. Who looks after me?

Our guides are there for you throughout your stay, from when you meet up until breakfast and throughout the night.

Your satisfaction and safety is top priority for us.

We also try to allocate our guides such that our guests from de/en/fr can be looked after in their native language.

20. What about the sanitary facilities?

We have guest toilets in the centre of the igloo village.

The Romantic Igloo Plus and the Romantic Igloo Suites have private toilets for our overnight guests.

In the toilet facilities you can brush your teeth and use liquid disinfectant to clean your hands.

There is no running water and no shower in the igloo.

Hot running water is available at the initial meeting place and in the morning in the morning at the mountain restaurant.

21. What happens if the weather is bad?

You can stay overnight whatever the weather,

except in extreme storm and if there is no snow to build the igloo.

22. What happens if the overnight stay is cancelled?

If we have to cancel the overnight stay we will try to notify you as early as possible so we can perhaps arrange a different location or a different date for you.

If you neither is suitable, we will refund (money or voucher).

23. How do you cook?

We have a separate kitchen igloo, also made from snow, of course.

We use gas stoves to cook and adhere to prescribed hygiene standards.

The dishes are washed in the nearby mountain restaurant

24. Can I book a Standard Igloo for 4 people exclusive?

That is possible.

Please reserve the Group Iglu EXCLUSIVE

You are not sure which igloo is right for you?

The staff in our booking office are happy to help you.

25. Can I stay in the igloo for more than one night?

We recommend that our guests stay for 1 night only, because we do not have any warm rooms, no running water and no showers.

Our programme and food and drink are the same every day as well.

26. Can I build my own igloo?

At the Zermatt locations you can build your own igloo with a guide and spend the night there.

We offer day-time igloo building courses at all locations without overnight accommodation also.

For more details, please contact our booking office.

27. Can I bring my child(ren) to the igloo?

Yes, you can bring your children.

We have had guests of all ages in the past.

Please note that you will be high up in the Alps with temperatures around freezing point.

Is that the right thing for your child?

What's more, we do not provide child care facilities in the igloo.

You have to bring along anything you need yourself.

28. Is there electricity?

We do have electricity in the igloo, but most of the plugs are in the bar area, which can be used in consultation with our staff.

In the Zugspitze igloo village, each sleeping igloo has a USB power port.

29. How can I make a booking?

You can book for the following winter from July.

You can make a booking by phone, email or through the online shop.

We recommend that you book as early as possible, because our season is very short and of course we only have a limited number of igloos.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as holidays are always booked up early.

30. How do I pay?

All overnight bookings are paid for in advance.

When you make your booking, you will be given an invoice with paying-in slip (by email or post), or you can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard), by voucher or, in Switzerland, by PostCard.

In the igloo village you can pay for the additional refreshments by cash (CHF/EURO) and at the locations in Engelberg, Gstaad and Zermatt also by card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro).

31. What are your cancellation and rebooking conditions?

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance so that you are covered in the event of illness, accident etc.

The customer is responsible for taking out the insurance.

This cannot be done through us directly.

We recommend Elvia/ Allianz.

These insurance companies allow you to take out cover online.
The organiser must be notified of any cancellations in writing.

The cancellation fees are based on the date the organiser received the cancellation notice.

If you cancel up to 60 days prior to the booked date, we refund 95% (always excluding charges (bank/postal/credit card charges)), if you cancel up to 30 days prior to the overnight stay, we refund 90%.

If you cancel up to 7 days before your booked stay, we refund 50% of the booking amount.

If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the booked date, we charge the full amount.

If you postpone your overnight stay up to 15 days before the booked date, we charge a surcharge plus a CHF 30 (EUR 20) processing fee per person.

Downgrades or postponements less than 15 days before the booked date will be treated as cancellations.

If you cancel an order that was paid by credit card, the money will be refunded to the credit card used for payment.

If you cancel an overnight stay that had already been postponed, we charge a cancellation fee of 100%.

A reduction of the order value by more than 20% is treated as a cancellation.

Vouchers cannot be reimbursed for cash, even once the booking has been cancelled.

32. How do you handle vouchers?

We sell accommodation vouchers (by phone, email or through the online shop) and general vouchers (only by phone and email)
All our vouchers are valid for 1 year.

On request, we can extend their validity to 5 years.

A surcharge may apply in the event of price changes.

All accommodation vouchers purchased from the igloo village directly (not from partner companies) can be redeemed in the online shop.

When redeeming a voucher, please note that the code is not a promotional code, but rather a reference number, which will be retrieved later in the booking process.

You vouchers can also be redeemed for other categories.

A different set of dates is possible with some vouchers.

Vouchers already issued may not be returned.

33. Can packages be booked online?

All our packages can only be booked over the phone or by email through the booking office, because availability has to be checked with the respective partner hotel.

34. Can you stay overnight in the igloo village as a single person?

Of course.

If you like, you can stay on your own.

35. Is it possible to visit the igloo village in the evening without staying the night?

This is possible under certain circumstances and in some locations.

Please ask at the booking office.

36. Am I allowed to bring a pet?

During the day in the restaurant and at the bar, dogs are allowed; make sure there are no traces of urine or faeces in the igloo.

If you stay overnight in the Swiss igloo villages, dogs are allowed on request in the Romantic Igloo, Plus, Suite and in the Hot Igloo.

If you stay in the Standard Igloo you have to make a exclusive booking of it.

Please think about the following:

• Is your dog happy in the cold?

If not, then a night in an igloo is not right for your dog.

If fine, please follow this instructions
• let us know when you make the booking.(use the comment field when you book online)
• Customers must bring their own food, food bowl and enough poo bags
• There must be no traces of urine or faeces in the igloo
• Dogs must not spend the night on the bed or in the sleeping bag; you must bring your own blanket or sleeping bag
• Dogs cannot be tied up or locked in in the igloo
• Please be aware that you cannot use the whirlpool unless someone watches the dog
• The dog has to be on a leash in the igloo; please bring a muzzle in case another guest is frightened
• During snowshoe hike, the dog also has to be on a leash because we pass game reserves and also because of the Pistenbully vehicles
• We do not charge extra for dogs

Dogs are not allowed to spend the night in the Zugspitze igloo village!

37. Is there a warm room?

At the locations in Davos, Gstaad and Zermatt each igloo has a heated kota next to it.

There is a sauna in Davos, Gstaad and on the Zugspitze, which is open in the evening; but of course the idea is not to spend all evening there.

In Engelberg you have the option of booking our hot igloo and spend the night in the warmth.

38. Can you get to the igloo village in a wheelchair or if you have difficulties walking?

The path to the igloo takes you through snow along the slope and up and down the mountain, which is why it is not suitable for people who have difficulties walking or for wheelchair users.

Please note that we do not provide personal transport to and from the igloo.

39. What other activities are there in addition to the overnight stay in the igloo village?

We also offer daytime activities.

Snowshoe walking, classic igloo building, carving snow sculptures, and we can also serve as a venue for christenings, weddings and receptions.

Our restaurant and our bar are of course open during the day.

During the day, you can also go skiing or tobogganing on the mountain.

If you need more information, please inquire with our booking office.

40. What about safety?

Your safety is our top priority.

The igloo is regularly checked for its stability and is reinforced regularly.

Our guides are around the whole time and are specially trained.

We have a safety and emergency plan in place for each location.

We have a first aid kit comprising antiseptic, wound ointment, dressings, bandaging material, tweezers.

We are not permitted to have or give out any other material or medication on site.

Guest are responsible for bringing their own.

Some locations have a defibrillator on site.

Together with the booking we send out the general terms and conditions and binding safety instructions

41. What are the hygiene standards like?

We adhere to the hygiene standards based on the annual inspections of the cantonal food authorities.

Each guest is provided with an inner sleeping bag made from cotton (Romantic Igloo guests are provided with a double cotton sleeping bag), because while the expedition sleeping bags are aired and disinfected every day, they are not washed.

The whirlpools are cleaned daily and the water is replaced regularly.

The water also has plenty of time to recover, because only our overnight guests use the whirlpool.

Wet wipes/disinfectant spray are available in the toilet.